Our Small Cap Strategy

This strategy uses a “Growth At A Reasonable Profile” approach, which basically means our process focuses on quality and is not speculative. A “reasonable profile” means the business must be established and already profitable, earning returns above its cost of capital.

Beyond these simple parameters, we look for companies that are leaders in their industries, expanding rapidly (2-3x the market), and consistently beating expectations for growth.

Small Cap Strategy

What We Do

This website is devoted to the sub-advisory business of Van Hulzen Asset Management. For information on Van Hulzen’s wealth management business, please click here.

We specialize in equity allocations for institutional mandates, ranging from low volatility covered call strategies to more growth-oriented small cap strategies. Van Hulzen Asset Management (VAM) has a 17+ year covered call track record and has over 3 years in its small cap strategy. Both strategies have been GIPS verified.

VAM has extensive experience with institutional investor mandates, with more than $560 million of discretionary assets under management.

Investment Team

Our Covered Call Strategy

Van Hulzen’s Covered Call strategy is an institutional-quality covered call portfolio in the actively-managed space. The portfolio consists of high quality equities, driven by a sound fundamental framework, and a call option writing process that seeks to increase income, probability of positive outcomes and to reduce overall portfolio volatility.

The strategy does not chase option yield or seek to add alpha through quantitative option analytics. It is a pure, simple and successful buy-write portfolio built from the bottom up.

Covered Call Strategy